Quips, Wit, and Stuff

What can I say about this page? This is just a mix of various things that I am interested in.


Animal Rescue 
I find myself more and more drawn to animal rescue. This page is just starting. I have included some images I took at a local wildlife rescue center as well as some links and articles.


I have been involved in Emergency Medical Services for 17 years now. This page contains medically related articles and links.


Fan Stuff
as a hardcore Xena nutball, I had to put up a page dealing with this particular fan phenomenon. This page includes links, music, images, stationary, and other sundry fan items. <g>


The one thing that has gotten me through plenty of stressful times has been humor. There are jokes and cartoons on this page as well as videos.


Poems & Writings 
I can't write my way out of a paper bag, however, I do have friends that are incredible bards. Here's a sampling of their work.