I was just getting off work at Target. I was going to go home take a nap then go out for lunch. I work two jobs and I had the day off from the second job. You see it was my birthday. I stayed home and was glued to the TV all day.

What really got me was when the new people kept comparing it with Pearl Harbor. My dad was there that day in December, he was in the Navy, on board the U. S. S. OGLALA. The OGLALA was sunk. I wonder how many people whose birthday was 9-11 and had a parent who was a survivor of Pearl Harbor. I wonder what my dad would have thought. He passed away a few years back. I know what happened in Oklahoma City made him cry.

Right now the world agrees with us on what we are doing, but I think we will lose a lot if we don't finish this. We should have finished Desert Storm. The American people need to stand united whether we all agree on war or not. Sometime there is no other way out. Let the soldiers do their job and let it be our duty to stand by them as we did during W.W.II.

To all of the people of New York, this was indeed their darkest day, but their
finest hour.

Take Care
Sue (