Francisca Bellard - Baton Rouge, LA

You search for the right words to say but they fail you. You try to find the reason but again you fail. Tradegy is never easy. How do you discribe something that has united a nation but caused so much pain? We all wonder, pray, and contemplate. Everyday I wake up and go to work you take pride for your country foregranted sometimes. You forget times past and history just becomes another class you have to take in school. Never do you hear them say, "History repeats itself, be wise." We are the future yet we have no knowledge of what has gotten us this far. When everyday it is taught to drive, to be better, to achieve that impossible dream; you become jaded.

So, now in the wake of the defistation we look at all who have fallen and we cry. Now we see with open eyes with renewed lose of innocence like those after Kennedy's death. The child like country takes another bullet to the heart and its soul is tested. So we rise up united, stronger, and even..vengeful. We are still judging one another out of fear and ignorance. We have become exactly as the terrorists have hoped fearful for the next situation they might throw at us. When you are an american citizen you become comfortable that you are untouchable and that we are the super power. This was a reality check for us. A wake up call that not only Bin Laden sent but the countries that support him. I have travelled the world in my work and in every country the same thing is said about americans that we are brash, backwards, and greedy. We are seen as naive because of our mentally and many have stated that they have seen this coming for years. During the trails against Oliver North , he was asked about his security system in his house that cost $15,000. When asked why he spent this much money on a security system he stated that he was scared for his life because of a terrorist whose name was Bin Laden. We knew 10 years ago about him yet now he is a house hold name in america. It reminds me of Hitler, when he was in prison he wrote a book stating how he would take over the world and he pretty much succeeded in almost every objective he had. History repeating itself.

I sit and hope for guidance through this time. And for the families of those who have lost loved ones by no means do i intend to imped my judgement on this subject only to maybe spread the word that we need to look back as young americans to strive for a better tomorrow. Pride is something just like faith that can not be seen only felt in the hearts of us all. For that we are bound together more then blood, race, dialet, sex or age.

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Thank you and God Bless.

Francisca Bellard
Baton Rouge, LA