It's Been One Year Since My Life Changed Colour

It was a year ago today that a big part of my heart died. It was a year ago today that I had waterworks installed in my eyes that won't stop running. I had to say goodbye to Mazlon on this day last year. November  21, 2011. There was no choice. I know that. It was the only choice to be made especially as she could no longer even stand up and was gasping for breath. ...And yet a huge part of me questions the decision I made.

Mazlon came into my life as a nine week old furry blonde bundle of energy. I got her from a breeder in Richmond Virginia. I was planning on doing search and rescue and fell in love with the puppy that the breeder picked out.  She picked Mazlon because Mazlon could follow a trail that a pixie layed out. While we never did SAR work, Mazlon grew up at the Rescue Squad and loved snuffling around to her last day. Mazlon was a gentle loving soul who was not a cuddler but was always there right by my side giving gentle comfort and held all of my secrets that I shared with her. Mazlon went everywhere with me.


I wish I could write more. I can no longer see my computer screen. (side note ... why is it when you cry, your nose produces more than your tears do?)  The one thing I know is that Mazlon sent me Káva. Káva is a breath of fresh air. I can't even begin to compare the two because they are so different in energy and personality.

Mazlon ... I miss you. The world is grayer without you in it. I know that you are at the Rainbow Bridge with Misha waiting for us to arrive and watching over your pack.