Dear Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,

We‚ve been told you have a list
And that you check it twice.
But we‚ve forgotten about before
And wanted you to know
We haven‚t been naughty
Not even to the mice.

We are the garbage cats of the world
Thrown away, discarded like trash.
A heavy hand hurt some of us
While others simply got sick
And weren‚t worthy of a vet invoice.
Taken to a place that looks like jail or
Pushed out of cars left alone to die
Somehow we ended up in Hell.

Terrified beyond belief
Till a human called a Rescuer
Looked into our lonely eyes
And saw the love beneath the pain
Gentle hands, kisses and eye hugs
Warm beds, full bowls, clean boxes.
We‚ve been given a second chance!

But, oh Santa Paws, there something amiss
Our human, the Rescuer, has been crying in the night
We try to lick away the tears and paw away the fears
But there is someone called Bills
Causing all this misery and grief.
Surely in that in that big red bag
There is some sort of relief.

Help us Santa Paws, this is what we need,
Scoopable litter for our boxes
Wet and dry food for our tummies
Bleach to keep our beds clean
Money for our medicine and vet care
And heat to keep our house warm.

Won‚t you please help us Santa Paws?
Take the toys to someone else.
We just want to live...
Warm beds, full bowls and happy health Is all we ask for on
this Christmas Eve.

Peaceful Paws On Earth!
The Senior Kittizens At Purrever Ranch


Written for with love and hope for all the homeless animals in the world.
Rita Cockrell Wood, December 2005