Stop and See What's Around You

This year the fall colours are wonderful and seem to be sticking on the trees longer than normal. I always try to remind myself to take a deep breath and look around me to actually see what is around me. 

I did so on my way to a meeting yesterday .... and pulled over to capture the moment.


Taken out the front window as I was driving down the road. Yes, I know I should keep both hands on the wheel ... but at least I wasn't on my motorcycle.


Brighton Dam


The reflections of the leaves were incredible


the golden colour of the sunset added a deep richness to the leaves


Some lucky sap was out there fishing


Fields that I drove by.

Lives Gone By

One of the curses and blessings of being a photographer is that you are always on the lookout for a good image. This means two things as far as I am concerned. One ... I tend to weave when I drive because I tend to keep looking for images and not paying attention to the road. Two ... I tend to stop at unexpected places.


I saw this cemetery on a side of a small country road

Born the same year I was. Who could this person have been. What could they have done with their life?



I had to laugh at the Halloween decoration at this cemetery

They died together. This one gave me a warm feeling.