MAWMR - Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally

For the female bikers out there who have nothing to do next weekend ... <G> .... come join the fun at MAWMR — the Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally in Gettysburg. Last year we raised $24,000 for breast cancer ....

This is a (long) slideshow of some of the shenanigans that went on last year ...

2012 MAWMR - 20th Anniversary from Lida Verner on Vimeo.

The Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally is the premiere women’s motorcycling event in the Mid-Atlantic. Held every June, it brings together women motorcyclists and enthusiasts for a three day rally full of friendship, games, educational seminars, rides, contests, and fundraising to support women with the challenges of cancer. The weekend culminates in the Parade of Chrome through the streets of Gettysburg and a banquet to honor women and pledge our fundraising support to those that have been touched by cancer.

2011 MAWMR - Wicked Women Ride

The following are some of the images I took at last year's MAWMR event. MAWMR is the Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally and it was held in Gettysburg, PA. This is an annual gathering of women motorcycle enthusiasts and riders who get together to raise money for cancer. 



Please come join us for the 20th annual gathering of MAWMR this June (2012). It promises to be a blast.


Registration is now open!!