Brief Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial

I have been thinking a lot about yesterday's verdict in the Casey Anthony trial which is rather amusing considering that I did not watch or read anything about the trial as it was going on. I know that the majority of my friends consider her guilty. What has bothered me about the whole experience is that thanks to the media and their zeal to create headlines, they convicted her before the trial even started. People want to have some sort of "justice" for the little girl. That is understandable and the thought that a parent could do something so horrific is unfathomable. This lead to a perfect opportunity for media personalities and others to jump on the guilty bandwagon.

Obviously there was something that caused the jury to think that the prosecution did not make their case beyond a reasonable doubt especially as it only took 11 hours for them to render and "not guilty" verdict. People are decrying that the system has failed. I think that the system worked exactly as it should.