An Attempt

I'm discovering that this blogging stuff is a tad more difficult than I originally thought. I have wonderfully composed and well thought out blog posts that portray deep contemplation of weighty subjects ... in my head. However, when I go to put them down on paper (ok ... the computer ... but you know what I mean), those posts have gone out to lunch. Ah well .... 

So I sit here in Caribou Coffee with my mac, cup of coffee, and scattered thoughts realizing that I really need to get back to the daily grind of looking for a job. This weekend is the DC 3 Day Komen Walk which I am volunteering for. I am not walking, but providing route safety with my motorcycle. It is the one time a year you will ever see me in pink. My family is finding it highly amusing that the one cause I have really thrown my heart behind has pink as it's basic colour. I now have to go out and find pink stuff to decorate my motorcycle. 

If you would like to donate to the cause, I am attempting to raise money for it: Komen Donation

 I am going to make an effort to blog during the walk to try to get me in the habit. Wish me luck. <G>