Kitty Treats


Tarzan taken with an iPhone 3Gs with the light being the single light source in the room late at night. He was chasing a bug.

My cat, Tarzan, is weird. He is extremely finicky when it comes to food. The only thing that he will eat is Science Diet DRY cat food. Well ... that's not quiet true ... he also loves tuna fish water ... not the meat ... the water. Every morning, I give the other animals their morning treats and always offer Tarzan his share. While he loves to chase the treats when I toss them across the floor, he refuses to eat them. Dusty, however, is more than happy to eat Tarzan's treats.

I have just discovered a treat he likes! Apparently the Costco Kirkland Signature Super Premium Maintenance Cat tickles his pallet. I have no idea where I got the sample bag from, but he can't seem to get enough of it. I googled it and discovered that there are some concerns over the food. I'm hoping that because I am giving him only one or two pieces a day that there will not be any long term problems as I am not planning on using it as his food but rather a treat. Of course, then the question is, can I buy a bag that is smaller than 40lbs from Costco? Wonder if it goes bad because if I can't buy a smaller bag, one bag will last Tarzan's lifetime.