Salina Cousins — At Dawn's Light

I felt the need to share in my grief with words written from my heart on the great Tragedy that has come to America.

At Dawn's Light

The Sun rises over the East
Gray and black smoke spirals in the sky.
Glazed, confused, and saddened eyes just blink.
As a Nation struggles with how to say goodbye.
America and other Countries mourn,
For this horrific tragedy this past day.
The stark reality is spotlighted,
In the new light of the Sun's ray.
American Flight 11 and United Flight 175
Taken over by terrorist to fear.
Nothing could be done,
For the scheduled flight path, was to veer.
The Pentagon though scared
Hung a 3 story Flag to cheer.
And in reporter's eyes.
You could see that heartfelt tear!

Cell and air phone calls on United Flight 93
Really tell of the heroic deeds.
And at the Pentagon,
They follow all possible leads.
As the setting Sun
Lowers and glides to rest.
The American Flags wave proudly,
As we display our symbol, and crest.
With my Heartfelt Sympathy's

Salina R. Cousins